The top treatment to tackle troublesome heel pain – shockwave therapy

Are you suffering from chronic heel pain? Have you been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis/tendinosis? You NEED to know about shockwave therapy and its PROVEN successful results!


‘Radial shockwave therapy is a proven effective alternative to traditional treatment methods for heel pain. The treatment is especially effective if the condition has been ongoing for longer than 6 months’


Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis (sometimes more appropriately called tendinopathy) are the two most common causes of heel pain. Common symptoms of these conditions are:

  • Tenderness under the heel/to the back of the heel
  • More pain first thing in a morning and after periods of rest
  • Sharp stabbing pains
  • When you have done lots of activity, a dull ache in the area
  • Tight calf/Achilles area
  • Stiffness to the ankle

These symptoms if left untreated can continue for months, and even years. These conditions worsen and the soft tissue weakens with time when not addressed – it is essential to start the recovery process as soon as possible for the best outcome and to be back to peak foot health.


Shockwave therapy can decrease healing times and rapidly give pain relief.  It works by:

  • A projectile in the handset moves rapidly
  • This creates radial shockwaves at the end of the applicator
  • When applied to the skin over the affected area, this creates cavitation’s in the tissues
  • This repeated action prescribed to the individual increases blood flow to the area and aims to ensure the healing process occurs as expected (rather than remaining in a chronic state)
  • As a side effect, the area may be numb after treatment – an added temporary bonus!



Undergoing shockwave therapy requires correct initial diagnosis. If this treatment sounds like an excellent option for you, you can watch a video explaining the system by clicking HERE

To be assessed for shockwave, you can see one of our expert podiatrists for a heel ankle and foot pain assessment.

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