General Podiatry and Chiropody – Foot and Nail Care

In this treatment, any hard skin or corns are removed, nails are cut and tidied and the skin is moisturised with our advanced range of foot creams where appropriate, to help keep them in the best condition possible.

Your feet are the foundation to your body and the average person will walk over 11,000 miles in their lifetime.  With over a quarter of the bodies bones to be found in the foot, they are complex structures that need to be looked after.

Does the removal of a corn and hard skin hurt?

Corns and calluses (hard skin) can be quickly and painlessly removed. The top layer of the skin has no nerves and therefore when it’s being removed you won’t feel any pain. However, you should feel instantly relieved from the pain of the corn when the treatment is finished.

Why do you get corns or callus in the first place?

They often result from the foot trying to protect itself. Where there are areas of high pressure e.g. where a shoe rubs, the skin protects itself by getting thicker, but this in turn makes it rub more, so creating a corn or callus.

And as Socrates said, “When your feet hurt, you hurt all over”.