Heel, Foot and Ankle Pain Clinic

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One to one treatment tailored to you.

Struggling to solve heel, foot or ankle pain? We are a team of podiatrists who specialise in biomechanics, musculo-skeletal and structural podiatry of the foot and leg.

Our goal is to get you pain free through the use of assessment, diagnosis, management and treatment.

At The Foot Clinic our approach is dictated by research and proven results. We combine clinical expertise with the latest technology and research, to achieve optimum results. Our team meets weekly to discuss complex cases to ensure the best outcome for every single one of our clients, with our ultimate goal being to get you back to what you love to do, free of pain. Each of our dedicated podiatrists have had extensive training and experience, from presenting at National Conferences, to appearing on BBC radio as their podiatry expert, or being a member of the London Marathon medical team, the range of experiences within the team is vast.

We are a specialist centre of excellence serving the North East and North Yorkshire, and are proud to have helped thousands of people back to a pain free life.
We have tried to outline our approach to heel and foot pain below, but the subject area is vast, so please feel free to call us with any questions.

Phrases we hear on a regular basis include:

  • I feel like I’m walking on warm stones
  • I’ve got a burning or tingling sensation in my feet
  • The pain goes into my toes
  • I’ve got numbness in the balls of my feet
  • I feel like I’m walking on a marble

There are too many foot conditions to list them all but a few of the issues we see are:

  • Heel spurs and nerve entrapments, Mortons Neuroma (you can find more information on Mortons Neuroma here)
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Metatarsalgia – pain across balls of the feet
  • Shin splints – pain along the front of the shin
  • Sports injuries – achilles tendonitis, running injuries

At our dedicated Heel & Foot Pain Clinic we have a large and varied range of treatment methods at our disposal.  It is extremely important that we treat the cause rather than the symptom, as our goal is to get you pain free for good, rather than achieve a quick fix, or simply mask the problem.  It is this long term approach that we have built our strong reputation on.

Our bespoke treatment plans have 3 stages:

1. Assessment and analysis

2. Treatment and rehabilitation

3. Controlled return to activity


Stage 1.  Assessment and Analysis

Initially, we will carry out a thorough consultation and assessment which enables us to establish the reason for your pain.  There are 43 known main reasons for heel pain and it can often have been misdiagnosed, so it is important to establish the true cause of your symptoms. We will look at the whole body in terms of posture and movement, so as to determine the underlying cause.  Depending on the condition, tests may include some of the following: imaging, 3D gait analysis, range of motion tests, nerve tests.

Imaging: X-rays, MRI scans, Ultrasound will be requested where needed (often imaging is not required).

3D gait analysis: This is a 3D scanning system that measures your gait and allows us to analyse the data collected giving us more accurate information.

Range of motion tests: This helps us identify abnormalities and structures within the body that have issues.

Nerve tests: Non invasive clinical tests to look for abnormalities in nerve function.


From this, we can then design and implement a bespoke treatment plan that is right for you, helping to get you back to pain free activity as quickly as possible.  With over 200 muscles, ligaments and tendons, 35 joints and thousands of nerve endings, in each foot and leg, each patient and case is different and it is therefore important that plans are tailored specifically to you.

Stage 2. Treatment

Some of the treatment methods we employ include:

  • Tendon and ligament rehabilitation
  • EMS Radial Shockwave Therapy
  • Orthotics
  • Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation
  • Fascial Manipulation
  • 3d structure scanning
  • Bespoke exercise program
  • Education
  • Referrals to other specialists

By utilising a number of these approaches together, we can achieve the most positive outcome.


Tendon and ligament rehabilitation

These are comprehensive, structured programmes, tailored to you, to repair and strengthen damaged ligaments, tendons and associated muscular or skeletal structures.  When required, these are essential to achieving positive long term outcomes.


EMS Radial Shockwave Therapy

EMS Radial Shockwave is the industry leading technology for the treatment of chronic tendon damage.  As a leading Heel and Foot pain clinic we have invested in this leading technology due to it’s proven strong clinical outcomes.

Employed by many of the worlds leading sports industries including the Olympics, Premiership Football and International Rugby Union, EMS Radial Shockwave Therapy can provide quick and effective pain relief and stimulate initial healing.  It is important it is used alongside rehabilitation programmes to maintain a long lasting positive outcome.  The Shockwave treatment can provide pain relief in the short term to enable you to return to activities comfortably, in on average 6 weeks.  Three treatment sessions are required. You can read more on our Shockwave treatment >here<



Orthotics are custom made insoles, or off the shelf insoles, that provide support and stability. In turn they can help relieve pain and prevent injuries. Our podiatrist can advise on the most suitable type for your problem, after a biomechanical assessment.  We will also investigate your body’s ability to fix itself first. For example, it could be that manipulation techniques could be used to improve function and relieve foot and leg pain, thereby negating the need for orthotics.  Where orthotics are required, to ensure they stay current with your body’s changing needs, we will put together a rehabilitation plan that is tailor made for you. Read more on our orthotics page.


Foot Manipulation and Mobilisation

Foot Manipulation and Mobilisation works by relieving pain and improving the mobility and congruency of joints in the feet, which in turn allows muscles to work more efficiently around those joints.  It is a hands on highly skilled treatment that is extremely effective.

Fascial Manipulation

This helps relieve fascial related pain, which is often involved with sciatic nerve pain and a large number of neurological issues.  It is a highly specialist technique that can achieve some fantastic outcomes where other methods have failed.

3d Structure Scanning

A 3d scan is taken of your foot which enables us to prescribe bespoke orthotics with an extremely high level of accuracy

Bespoke exercise program

Exercise plays an important part in recovery.  Where necessary, to help with exercise we design bespoke programmes that we send to your phone/email so that you can easily access and follow the program at home.  It also allows us to get up to date feedback from yourselves and progress reports, so that we can monitor you throughout.


If a referral to a different field or specialty is required, this will be evaluated, discussed and where appropriate arranged for you.


We will educate you about your condition,  so that you have the skills and knowledge to succeed.


Stage 3.  Controlled return to activity

Whether you are along distance runner, a super shopper or a Sunday afternoon stroller we will create a bespoke plan for a phased return to activity for you.