Toenail Reconstruction and Protection using LCN Pedique

1 nail £40 / Each additional nail £10

If you are conscious of lost, damaged, deformed or discoloured toenails, or if you are a sports enthusiast who wants to protect your toenails, this could be the treatment for you. LCN Wilde Pedique is a UV gel specifically for toe nails, developed with the help of podiatrists. It is an extremely elastic UV gel which we form to look like a real toe nail, which adapts to the movements of the toe. It has antifungal properties, to protect against and help treat fungal infection.

How long will it last for?

The longevity of the prosthetic nail depends on many factors such as the amount of existing nail (if there is no nail for the prosthetic to adhere to then it is unlikely to last for more than 24 hours), footwear, activities, foot health and varies from person to person, but for some it can last for more than 8 weeks. The gel is non lifting so should you wish, you are able to paint the prosthetic toenail and then remove with nail varnish remover. The prosthetic nail will not be lifted by acetone.

Does it have any side effects?

It has no odour and it does not cause any damage to the natural nail. There are no chemical activators or primers involved which can often be very aggressive and damage the nail plate. Once cured the resin is set and the material will not change. Neither moisture or air can penetrate the material and it therefore prevents any infections penetrating. It also allows fungus to be completely covered, aiding in treatment and preventing further spread of infection.