Orthotics (Custom made Insoles)


We want you to be free from pain, not just have it masked. Here at The Foot Clinic we take a holistic approach to the use of orthotics ensuring that every time they are prescribed, where appropriate they also come with a tailor made treatment plan.

Orthotics are custom made insoles, or off the shelf insoles, that provide support and stability. In turn they can help relieve pain and prevent injuries. Our podiatrist can advise on the most suitable type for your problem, after a biomechanical assessment.

Here, at The Foot Clinic, we start from the belief that not everyone needs orthotics. Before introducing orthotics, Ben, our specialist in Biomechanics, will investigate your body’s ability to fix itself. For example, it could be that manipulation techniques could be used to improve function and relieve foot and leg pain, thereby negating the need for orthotics.

Foot manipulation works by improving the mobility and congruency of joints in the feet, which in turn allows muscles to work more efficiently around those joints. This establishes better movement pathways and can relieve pain.

Ben has undergone postgraduate training to enable him to gently manipulate joints to allow them to function more appropriately, and re-establish good muscle function. This can form a vital part of your overall treatment which ultimately leads to effective pain relief and better performance.

If orthotics are required, the key to them working lies in the quality of the materials used, how accurately they are manufactured and the ability to adjust the orthotics to stay current with your body’s changing needs. We only work with the best manufacturers to ensure the first two points are covered. For the third point, to ensure they stay current with your body’s changing needs, we will put together a rehabilitation plan that is tailor made for you, comprising of exercises, potential changes to your routines etc.

Where possible, we want to get you back to good health. We do not believe in prescribing you some expensive orthotics and just sending you on your way. Eventually where possible, we want you to be free from having to use orthotics as very often they are used to mask the problem, freeing you from immediate pain, but do not solve the underlying issue. We will discuss your particular case with you at the initial consultation and options available.

For more information please read our pages on biomechanics and heel/foot pain