Corns & Callus

Callus Callus refers to layers of excess hard skin, which often develops on the bottom of the feet, around the back of heels, the sides of the big toe joints and the top of lesser toe joints.   Callus formation on the side of the Big toe The reason callus develops is because of excess or unusual pressure in the affected area whilst a person is walking and/or standing. The increased pressure results in the body thickening the skin in this area on purpose as a protective layer between the ground or shoes and the skin, or over bony prominences. […]

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I think I have flat feet. What should I do?

Usually when people refer to ‘flat feet’ they are talking about the arch that runs from the heel area towards the toes, and that their arch is low or isn’t there at all. This is known officially as pes planus. Low arch profile If an arch profile is lower or higher than expected, a podiatrist will judge this by the other surrounding structures in the foot, as these may also be altered. 3 types of arch profile The arch profile for each person is different, and there is not a specifically measured arch height that is classed as ‘normal’. It […]

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