Biomechanics / Sports Injury


From Olympic athletes, to high heeled commuters, to all weather dog walkers, feet are subject to a huge amount of wear and tear, that can lead to a simple niggle causing on going discomfort or an injury that causes excruciating pain that impedes every aspect of your life.   Whatever the level of pain or discomfort, let us help you get back to your normal life, pain or discomfort free.

Before training to be a Podiatrist, Ben was an Engineer and Architect. This wealth of experience relating to structures and how forces act through an object, has allowed him to excel in understanding podiatric biomechanics and how our body reacts to forces and pressures placed upon it. He will discuss various treatment options with you following the assessment.

The assessment involves looking at the mechanics of the lower limb and the forces exerted by muscles and gravity on the skeletal structure, if you are experiencing symptoms in your feet, knees or hips. This allows us to look at the whole body in terms of posture and movement, so as to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms. We can then design and implement a treatment plan that is right for you, helping to get you back to pain free activity as quickly as possible. Foot mobilisation techniques may be employed, exercises may be recommended or where required, orthotics may be prescribed, designed and ordered.

For more information please read our pages on orthotics and heel/foot pain

As a keen sportsman who used to be in the top 10 in the National Downhill Mountain Biking rankings and as an avid barefoot runner Ben understands how important it is for people to get back on their feet as soon as possible. As a podiatrist on the official London Marathon medical team he is also no stranger to helping out the odd runner or two.